Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calling All Fudgesicle Lovers!!!

As posted in our March 6 blog, we've begun to use 100% organic agave nectar in our fruit bars with great success. We love them and our sugar-free customers are loving them too!!

Growing up as a child brings vivid memories of indulging in a fudgesicle or two...okay, maybe three (on a hot summer day it just hits the spot, could you blame me?) At least it did back then. Now that we're older, wiser and certainly more food savvy, those so-called fudgesicles are just not gonna cut it. So, here at Sketch, we've been working hard at creating the ultimate fudgesicle--one that's rich and creamy and actually consists of dark chocolate. Did we mention sugar free??? No way! Way!!!

Sugar-free is not just for diabetics. Though it may have a negative connotation, there are many people who choose to leave sugar out of their diets for other health reasons. Regardless of the reasons, we all deserve indulgences that actually ARE satisfying. So...we have taken our already fabulous fudgesicles and made them with agave. The result? Pure satisfaction for everyone! You wouldn't even know that they're sugar-free :)

For all you fudgesicle connoisseurs and lovers, come check them out and leave happily guilt free!

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