Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays All!

We hope it's been a year full of happiness and joy. For us it’s been long and busy and Christmas is already just a week away. So if you’re like us and procrastinated, here's some yummy treats for the Sketch fan in all of us. Come get them now while supplies last.

”Fixins” giftbox $25
• salted caramel sauce
• dark chocolate sauce
• candied almonds
• candied cocoa nibs

”Faves” giftbox $20
• hot chocolate kit
• salted pecan toffee
• candied citrus peels
• caramel popcorn
• cocoa nib marshmallows


Bernadette Uzcategui said...

Why, oh why must you be so far away!? I love these kits...perfect gift-giving boxes of joy! please start shipping! :)

Anonymous said...

Your ice cream is fantastic. I like to go to your store every Sunday with my mother to give me a little treat before the next day when school starts. I love you and your flavores. Milo