Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bologna, Trip Part 1

As some of you may already know, we have returned safely from our yearly vacation and are back in full swing at Sketch. Every January (or in the case of our honeymoon in '06 February) we close shop, take a little break and and are blessed enough to travel. This year, we decided to take our long awaited trip to Italy & Paris.

Before we headed off to Europe, we took a little detour to the East Coast (Philly and Princeton) to see family and loaded up on cheesesteaks, hoagies and pretzel dogs from the Amish Market, of course. Yummy!

What better way to start our European trip than going to the food capitol of Italy...Bologna. Situated in between major city destinations, it's easy to take day trips and perfect for those who want to experience great food and old architecture without all the tourists. It remains an old run down medieval city filled with so much to offer and eat!! Aside from its fame in the origin of bologna, tortellini/tortelloni and Bolognese to name a few, Bologna is also known for having the world's most porticos (pix: Eric posing under the one of the many porticos). This sure came in handy when it rained. And even though some places were closed for vacation, we enjoyed hanging out with the locals. Definitely a return destination on our list.

Here are a few places we enjoyed (sorry, we didn't get a chance to take pix of the delicious food, somehow we ended up eating it before we realized we should have pix'd it first) :

TAMBOURINI'S One of the largest deli's. (pix: Ruthie attempting to bite some cheese @ Tambourini's)

LA TUA PIADINA Super small hole-in-the-wall. House-made piadines (flatbreads) filled with sliced to order bresaola, proscuitto, mortadella, etc.. We loved it so much, we're almost halfway through our frequent buyer card!

ANTICA TRATTORIA SPIGA A mom-n-pop restaurant in the middle of almost nowhere. Delicious risottos. Worth the trip.

GROM GELATO We can't vouch for the quality in its other locations, but this was among the best tasting (least sweet, best texture and flavor) from the few we sampled. By few, we mean few.


Anonymous said...

Hey you two,
I just found an old opened sesame oil bottle in the pantry. It's probably pretty old. Is it still useable?


Looking forward to more pics.

.................................................... said...

Hey Eddie,

Just taste it and if you get horribly sick, then it's spoiled :P You can't get sick from that...if ever, it'll just be rancid. How old do you think it is? When in doubt, just throw it out. Later.

TC said...

Great blog.I was hoping to see some photos.
It's been so long since I've been to Bologna.