Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does confidence translate to ego driven??

This post is in response to an anonymous individual who last night commented on our blog entitled "We're back in Action!". We regretfully erased what they said, but if our memory serves us right, it went a little something like this: 'Both of you are mean, awful ego driven people.'

Wow!! At first, we didn't really know how to react. Where did that come from? Were they referring to our coming back from vacation? Would it be considered bragging to post pictures and tell stories from our trip? What makes us such mean awful people? Ego driven? We ended up erasing it because we thought it was an uncalled for statement. Unfortunately, we should have left it, but the process could not be reversed.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. We don't know why this person felt the need to say what he/she said or what we possibly did/didn't do to make them feel this way, but its all a matter of context. We love what we do and are very passionate about it. We're hard working individuals pouring our hearts and souls in every aspect of our business. We are confident in the product we provide because we never compromise in what we believe in. If this is mistaken as ego driven, then we don't know what else to say....

We're troubled by a statement like this because we do our best to warmly welcome customers. Through the years we've grown to know most of your names, exchanged stories, etc.. or at the very least remember your faces. You are our extended family! Granted there may have been moments we were tired and forgot your faces or names, we always remember how blessed we are and try to show our appreciation for your business.

Ruthie & Eric


Kimberly said...

Boo! Don't fret about some random poster's negative rant. You'll only give the poster more to gloat about. Maybe they were a secret spy from a competitor trying to ruffle your feathers.

You two are fabulous, friendly, have never been egotistical to me, and importantly make the best ice cream ever! I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. Troy & I will stop by for some soon. That grapefruit sorbet sound delish.

p.s. happy hearts day. long live love.

Colin H.Y. Sweeney said...

I totally agree with Kimberly (see previous comment). Me and my family love your ice cream very much and enjoy the time talking to both of you.


Christine & Daniel said...

Totally agree with Kimberly. I am not sure why that person said bad things. I have been having a real nice experience every time I come to Sketch. You definitely up the level of dessert quality in the bay area by a few notch. Even though we live in San Francisco, everytime we want ice cream, we drive across bay bridge to get your yummy ice cream and dessert.


.................................................... said...

Ladies, you're to sweet!!

p.s. We know who you are :P

Sammie Host said...

I'm on "Team Sketch" and the ladies!

verena (a.k.a. dreamsicle) said...

oops, i'm a bit late in leaving a comment, but i agree with everyone else. you guys are as sweet and friendly as ever! even though i don't come often, you seem to remember my face and i'm totally impressed with (or even surprised by) that. it shows that you are dedicated to what you are doing and truly care about what your customers think and the quality of your products.

i've enjoyed every one of my experiences at sketch, as have my friends and my mum when she was in town. keep up with the good work and don't let a few negative comments bog you down. ;)

p.s. i MUST stop by one day when i'm less busy with class!