Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Greetings from Europe!

Hi Everyone!
Well we are 8 days into our vacation and we miss our fans :P We're currently in Bologna and preparing our tummys
to expand in our feastings. I'm sure many of you have been to Europe (seems like we're the only ones who haven't) and have your fave places to we'd love to hear your suggestions!! Many thanks to those who have contributed their time, books, addresses & numbers, journals etc.!! In a few days, will rent a car and make our way down to Florence, Pisa and then to Cinque Terre for pesto, focaccia and seafood. Hopefully, driving won't be a least we'll be driving on the right side! And after all that eating we suppose we'll try and squeeze in some ice cream..ehm!, gelato we mean.

Italy is such an amazing country with so much to do....maybe we'll stay? Nah, we still have Paris, France!


Ruthie and Eric


Anonymous said...

Please make burnt caramel ice cream on Saturday, Feb 2. That is the first time my friend and I are free to come visit.
Thank you,

sketchicecream said...

Dear Margaret,

I guess we'll be seeing you and your friend tomorrow...Cheers!!

Ruthie & Eric